Corporate and Employment

Our corporate team consists of highly skilled and experienced corporate and commercial lawyers. We advise established enterprises as well as start-up companies in a wide range of industries. We are involved in various stages as our clients’ businesses grow, whether it is initial set-up, day-to-day operation and management, merger and acquisition, listing, or in unfortunate difficulties like liquidation or restructuring. Our team always provides designated legal solutions that fit for our clients’ purposes and strategies in a practical and solid way. Our specialists focus on not only the commercial elements of our clients’ business, but also the other relevant and key factors, such as employment, taxation, etc. Our employment lawyers are often invited to draft office manuals, employment contracts, consultant agreements, as well as to act in employment disputes. Many of our employment specialists act as part-time arbitrators at Qingdao Labor Dispute Arbitration Commission.

Scope of practice:

Corporate establishment and alteration, and planning of governance structure
Assets reorganisation
Business management and administration
Restructuring and reorganisation of enterprises
Mergers and acquisitions
Liquidation, dissolution and bankruptcy
Designs of stock option incentive plan and management buy-out program
Issuance of company shares, company listing and debenture issue
Listing of debenture
Advising employment disputes/arbitration
Drafting office manuals and employment contracts

Key Contact:
Jingxin Li
Head of Corporate