We believe each corporate or individual has social responsibility to the community in which it lives and should perform its duty responsibly and reasonably. As one of the leading law firms in our base in Qingdao, we position ourselves as an eager participant in pro bono work and charitable donations.

We serve social charitable organisations such as Red Cross, Women’s Federation, Federation of the Disabled, as well as the famous charity brand of China – Weichen (Qingdao’s first charity brand, 1st China Charity Award of 2005, and Figure of CCTV Touching China of 2006). In conjunction with Qingdao Legal Aid Center, we provide legal aid services to the society regularly throughout the year, including answering legal query helpline on duty, providing free legal advice on various television and radio programs, etc. We have organised and offered free legal advice and representation for over 90 events since 2007. We have particular interests in providing voluntary legal support relating to the rights of women, the rights of teenagers, the rights of elderly and anti-domestic violence.

We are also active to participate in making donations in aid of the Hope Projects of China and the impoverished or disaster-stricken areas. In 2008, we donated a total of 110,000.00 RMB for Wenchuan Earthquake. In the past few years, we raised funds in the sum of over 100,000 RMB to help fund the relief effort in Yushu, Taiwan and other disaster areas. We have also set up Qingtai Educational Scholarship at various universities and colleges to financially support students from poor families to finish their studies. In the meantime, we have joined with a few educational institutions to build up teaching and practice centers.

We will continue fulfilling our corporate social responsibility and invite everyone in the community to join us.